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Turkish Tea – “TEA STIR”

Tea is an important part of Turkish culture, and is the most commonly consumed hot drink, despite the country's long history of coffee consumption. Offering tea to guests is part of Turkish hospitality. Tea is most often consumed in households, shops, and by kıraathane – social gatherings of men.

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Rich in healthy monounsaturated fats Prevents strokes Does not cause weight gain and obesity Helps fight Alzheimer’s disease Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes Helps treat rheumatoid arthritis 含健康的單不飽和脂肪 防止中風 不會導致體重增加和肥胖 有助抵抗阿爾茨海默病 降低2型糖尿病的風險 幫助治療風濕性關節炎

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