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Palermo’s aromatic extra virgin olive oil is made from high-quality olives after the first round of cold pressing. It is characterized by rich flavor, low acidity, and darker golden green. It is 100% natural, just like juice. It can be eaten immediately after pressing. Palermo uses specific types of olives, which have been carefully processed to make them perfect. Our olive trees have existed for hundreds of years, giving our olive oil a unique flavor, which no one can match. Our olive trees have existed for hundreds of years and provide a unique flavor to our olive oil. One of the most important differences is the method of picking olives. We adhere to the tradition of hand picking, not the mechanical picking process. Palermo extra virgin olive oil is the most commonly used oil for our health-conscious consumers, choosing to use Palermo extra virgin olive oil instead of high cholesterol oil. Palermo has been producing high-quality gourmet food for more than 25 years in accordance with strict HACCP and ISO 22000:2006 food safety protocols to ensure that we provide safe products for your family.

Cold-Pressed Within 4 Hours, Unrefined, Kosher, Gluten-Free
– HIGHEST QUALITY: From small organic olive oil farmers of the Aegean Coast to your family.
– RICH TASTE: Eat it as is with some fresh bread, drizzle over salads, sizzle your vegetables or cook your gourmet meals with it.
– 4-HOURS: Our extra virgin organic olive oil is cold-pressed within 4 hours of being harvested to preserve its nutrients and flavors that make it delicious & healthy!
– 100% NATURAL: Our Organic, Kosher, Gluten-Free olive oil has no pesticides, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.
– THE BRAND YOU CAN TRUST: Palermo has been producing the highest quality gourmet foods for more than 25 years under strict HACCP and ISO 22000:2006 Food Safety Protocols to ensure we deliver safe products to your family.

巴勒莫的芳香特級初榨橄榄油是由優質的橄榄經過首輪冷榨制成的,其特點是風味濃郁,酸度低,金綠色偏深。它是100%天然的,就像果汁一樣。按下後即可立即食用。巴勒莫(Palermo)使用特定種類的橄榄,經過精心處理,使其完美。我們的橄榄樹已經存在了數百年,使我們的橄榄油具有獨特的風味,這是沒人能比擬的。我們的橄榄樹已經存在了數百年,為我們的橄榄油提供了獨特風味。最重要的區別之一是采摘橄榄的方法。我們堅持手工采摘的傳統,而不是機械采摘過程。巴勒莫特級初榨橄榄油是我們注重健康的消費者最常用的油,選擇使用巴勒莫特級初榨橄榄油代替高膽固醇油。 Palermo 根據嚴格的 HACCP 和 ISO 22000:2006 食品安全協議,生産高品質的美食食品已有 25 年以上,以確保我們為您的家人提供安全産品。



*4 小時:我們的特級初榨橄欖油在收穫後 4 小時內被冷壓,以保持其營養和口味,使得它美味健康!

*100% 天然:我們的無麩質橄欖油不含化學物質、人工成分或防腐劑。

*您可以信賴的品牌:Palermo 根據嚴格的 HACCP 和 ISO 22000:2006 食品安全協議,生產高品質的美食食品已有 25 年以上,以確保我們爲您的家人提供安全產品。

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